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The Government Finance Officers Association of Arizona (GFOAz) is a non-profit professional organization that serves the government finance profession in Arizona. GFOAz serves as the state chapter of the national Government Finance Officers Association. We were founded in 1965 and have a membership of nearly 300 individuals. We encourage membership from state, county, and city governments, school districts, colleges, universities, special districts, and private firms. The purpose of GFOAz is to improve the practice of governmental finance in the State of Arizona as developed and recommended by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada as well as other recognized authorities. GFOAz provides a system of networking, training and information sharing to develop and enhance the knowledge, skills, and performance of individuals responsible for municipal and other local government fiscal policy and management.
Mission Statement
GFOAz promotes excellence in government financial management through leadership, education and communication.
Goals and Objectives
The GFOAz board has established goals and objectives for the following areas:
Organizational structure
Sponsorship and financial support
Training and career development
League support services
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