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The Affordable Care Act (ACA): What now?


Aaron Polkoski, Benefits Consultant, Segal & Co.

This session will pay specific attention to the "employer mandate" portion of the ACA, and what it will mean for your organization going forward. It will highlight the penalties your organization could face starting in 2015 under section 4980H, and steps you should be taking now to avoid them.

10:00 A.M.


Controlling Employee Benefit Costs Using Tax Advantaged Benefit Solutions


Al Thunberg, Practice Manager, Employee Solutions Group

Healthcare reform and economic realities have forced all of us to revamp our approach and strategy while managing our employee benefit budgets. Some state and municipal entities have successfully accomplished this blending of risk and cost, but many have fallen short in using these as effective hedges against benefit costs. These are proven strategies that blend tax advantaged benefit programs and insurance cost, employer risk, and employee satisfaction while providing employees with the tools, knowledge and opportunity to manage their out or pocket health care expenses. The session will feature discussions on defined contribution strategies, Section 125 Premium Only Plans, Section 125 Cafeteria Plans, Section 105 Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Section 223 Health Savings Accounts, and more.

11:00 A.M.


What is a Health Risk Assessment Program and How Does It Work?


Mary Kyle, Deputy Human Resources Director, City of Phoenix

Health insurers have long considered the health of individuals or groups when determining how to price insurance coverage. Our expert will explain how the city of Phoenix is using a health risk assessment program to manage risk, reduce costs, and direct wellness programs for its employees. Filled with practical experience and examples, this session covers what you need to know about these programs and how they really work.

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Controlling Healthcare Costs


Charlie Broucek, Senior Vice President, Hays Companies
Lyman Locket, Human Resources Director, City of Goodyear
Gary Manning, Human Resources Director, City of Mesa

After several years of high increases to fully-insured rates, employers are searching for medical plan financing alternatives. This session will discuss the options, attributes, pros/cons and more of different funding arrangements with an eye towards budgeting for the predictable and insuring the unpredictable. Also included will be a follow-up on the success of the on-site employee health care clinic in the city of Goodyear, and city of Mesa will discuss their plans for a clinic of their own.